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Our Story

Chefmaster was founded in 1938 in Southern California by a group of pastry chefs who wanted to create high-quality food colors for their own culinary creations. The company quickly gained an outstanding reputation for producing superior food colorings and teamed up with a reputable flavor company to begin supplying them to other chefs and culinary professionals, continuing to grow steadily over the next 5 decades.

1984 marks a key milestone in Chefmaster history as it gets acquired by Byrnes &Kiefer Co., a prominent bakery ingredients manufacturer and supplier on the East Coast.

Family-owned since 1902, Byrnes & Kiefer Co. ... brings over 120 years of legacy, performance, and expertise to Chefmaster, sharing the same passion for providing quality services and products to their customers along with a deep understanding of the importance to proactively adapt to the ever-changing needs of the marketplace. Over the years, Chefmaster became Byrnes & Kiefer’ flagship brand by expanding its capabilities beyond food coloring, growing its position both nationally and internationally, and establishing strong brand loyalty and following among industry experts, food manufacturers, professional bakers, mass merchandisers, retailers, and home bakers alike.

Still runs by the 4th generation of the Byrnes family and dedicated to the business values and principles of its founders, Chefmaster thrives to continue offering excellent customer service and the highest level of innovative quality baking, coloring, and decorating products that their customers, large and small, have learned to rely upon and trust year after year.

Our Philosophy

At Chefmaster, we believe that life is colorful and worth celebrating. It is not surprising that we selected “We help you celebrate” as our motto. Whether it is baking cupcakes in your home kitchen or adding lakes at an industrial level, we understand what it takes to provide high-quality dispersions and solutions for a variety of food coloring and baking applications.

Chefmaster is the original expert at color formulation, blending and matching. Often copied, but rarely equaled, our high-performing food color blends and baking and decorating product lines are designed to meet your unique creations, products, and private label needs. We partner and collaborate with companies of all sizes and are often the secret weapon behind your favorite brands.

... All our food colorings and most of our other outstanding product lines are made in the USA at our SQF certified facility located in sunny Southern California, by an incredible team of employees, sharing the same corporate core values and taking great care and pride in the products they manufacture.

Our creative team is constantly on the lookout for trends and amazing new products ideas, the equipment in our R&D lab and test kitchen keeps buzzing, our passion for the industry keeps growing...

At Chefmaster, we consider that we are over 120 years young, not old, as it still feels like this is only the beginning of our amazing journey... a journey we are so incredibly humbled and grateful to be sharing with all of you.

Cheers to another century (or even more...) of Chefmaster helping the World celebrate!

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