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Spotlight on Cheryl Stager:'s Small Business Baker of the Month

by ChefMaster Staff 13 Jan 2024

Spotlight on Cheryl Stager:'s Small Business Baker of the Month 

This month, we are delighted to feature Cheryl Stager, the creative force behind Sugarbird Sweets and Cakery, as our Small Business Baker of the Month on Cheryl's journey into the world of baking and floral design is not just a business venture; it's a heartwarming tale of passion, collaboration, and the joy of creating beautiful memories.

Sugarbird Sweets and Cakery: Where Baking and Blooms Unite

Sugarbird Sweets and Cakery is not just an establishment; it's the embodiment of the shared love for baking and baked goods between Cheryl and her daughter, Jennifer Stager. What began as happy hours spent in the kitchen crafting beautiful and delicious cakes for family and friends evolved into a thriving business that caters to customized cake requests. As the demand for their creative confections soared, the mother-daughter duo decided to expand their offerings.

After a few successful years, Cheryl and Jennifer decided to embrace a new facet of creativity by incorporating event florals into their repertoire. What started as a few floral arrangements for family gatherings blossomed into a full-service floral design venture. Thus, Sugarbird Cakery & Floral Co. was officially born.


Meet Cheryl Stager: The Creative Soul Behind Sugarbird

Originally from Nova Scotia and raised in Ontario, Cheryl's love for cakes and flowers is deeply rooted in her upbringing. With a background in statistical analysis, Sugarbird serves as the perfect canvas for Cheryl's creative expression. Beyond the kitchen and floral studio, Cheryl finds joy in reading, indulging in horror movies, cherishing moments with friends and family, and spending quality time with her husband Ian and their lively fur baby, Piper.


About Jennifer: A Culinary Journey Across Continents

Jennifer, Cheryl's daughter and partner in sweetness, learned the art of baking from her mother, Grace. A retired pharmacist, Jennifer now shares her time between managing Sugarbird and embarking on adventures worldwide with her husband John. From African safaris to exploring the Australian Outback, Jennifer's passion for travel intertwines with her love for experimenting with new recipes to delight Sugarbird's customers.


Sugarbird Sweets and Cakery: Serving Beyond Borders

Situated in Durham Region, Sugarbird proudly serves the Greater Toronto Area, Clarington, Northumberland, Peterborough, and beyond. Whether you're in search of a custom cake or enchanting floral arrangements, Sugarbird invites you to explore their offerings on their website. For inquiries and price quotes, the Contact page is at your service.


Thank you for visiting Sugarbird Sweets and Cakery—a haven where sweetness and blooms come together to create moments that linger in the heart.
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