Royal Icing Tutorial with Chefmaster Deluxe Meringue Powder

Royal icing is commonly used to decorate cookies, and we have an easy recipe we would like to share with you that requires only 3 ingredients.


You will need the following:


Place each ingredient in a separate bowl.

The first step is to add the Chefmaster Meringue Powder to the water. Mix it well using an egg beater, and let it sit for about 10 minutes.

The next step required a stand mixer. Add the meringue powder mix to the stand mixer’s bowl, then sift the sugar into the bowl. Using the whisk attachment, turn on the mixer on low speed (number 1) and mix until the ingredients are well combined. Turn the speed up to medium/low (number 3), and mix for another 4 to 10 minutes. You will know the mixture is ready when the icing can hold small peaks.

Once the icing is ready, we will need to add a small amount of water to make it easier to pipe onto the cookies. The amount needed is roughly 1 tsp of water for each 1 cup of icing. Mix well, and you will know the icing is ready when you draw a line through it and it disappears within 10 seconds.

It is now time to coat the cookies with the royal icing we just prepared, but we can only proceed once the cookies have cooled down completely.

Place about a quarter of the icing in a piping bag with a plain round thin nozzle, and the rest in a squeeze bottle which has a thicker nozzle and is perfect for quickly filling in areas. Use the piping bag to draw a thin border of the cookie, then fill the rest of the surface using the squeeze bottle.

The cookies should now be fully coated in white, and before starting to decorate them you will need to let the icing set completely, which will take a few hours.