Baker's Spotlight #1: Baking With Ryan - Dream & Recipes

Baker's Spotlight #1: Young, Talented & Creative 

Colors are the spice of life, they bring variety, beauty and peculiarity to anywhere they are added. This is also very notable while baking. Food coloring add an extra layer of complexity to your cakes and make it more beautiful and attractive. However, some creative experts have demonstrated various ways in which food coloring is a vehicle to inspire happiness within each cakes.  With passions & dedication, Ryan Wilson exhibits his personal creativity through various cake decorating tutorials on his YouTube Channel with over 31,000 subscribers.

Baking with Ryan

Ryan Wilson is a 14-year old talented baker who owns a YouTube Channel named “Baking with Ryan” has displayed creative ways to use food coloring to create amazing mouth-watering beautiful cakes. He lives in San Francisco and has a YouTube channel, which has been created since 2013, where he uploads his baking tutorials. Ryan has appeared at Kids Baking Championships and the Sugar Showdown.

Ryan started baking as self-taught baker and he has learnt from watching YouTube videos and also from trying new things. Many of cakes are modeled after everyday life items such as  a burger, pancakes, sneaker, brain and bagel in the form of cake. He handles frosting in a great way and has made very vibrant cake decoration.

Some of Ryan's famous tutorials are a Rainbow Rosette Cake, Purple Ombre cake, Rainbow Stripe cake, mirror glaze cake, Ice Cream Drip cake and so on. You can actually check out all of his creations on his Youtube Channel and don't forget to subscribe!

Now onto one of Ryan's famous recipe below

How to Make an Easy All Over Piping Cake


  • 4 vanilla cakes (8 inches)
  • Double Batch of Vanilla buttercream
  • Pink food coloring
  • Purple food coloring
  • Wilton 4B piping tip


  • Mix three bowls of frosting, a white, pink and purple frosting.
  • Level the 4 cakes with cake leveler
  • Put a non-stick cake pad on the cake board and add a drop of white frosting and place the first layer of cake on it
  • Add a drop of white frosting to the center of the cake then go around it with a pink frosting then a purple frosting
  • Add the white frosting around the purple one then surround it with pink and purple frosting
  • Place down the second layer and repeat the process on the remaining two cakes. Ensure you place the fourth cake layer upside down.
  • Smooth down any overflowing frosting
  • Then add half of the white bowl of cream to the top of the cake then spread it down with an offset spatula. Then finish up the smoothing process by using a cake scraper then refrigerate for thirty minutes.
  • Start piping the cake from the bottom of the cake with 3 layers of the purple cream then three layers of pink followed by three layers of white.
  • When you finish the piping on the side, repeat the same process on top.

Finished Cake!

Finish the top of the cake with white frosting and the cake is done!

To learn more tips & recipes, visit Ryan's website & subscribe to his YouTube Channel & Instagram :)